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Dear Dancer,


we are excited about being able to invite you to an Equality Tournament in Munich after many years waiting.

Save the Date: 18. March 2017: TSC Savoy München, a well known dance club and new member of DVET, will open the doors for their 1. Equality Tournament. They will be supported by TanzTeam of the queer sports club Team München. An experienced Crew and a big dance floor are waiting for you. In addition to the Ballroom and Latin tournaments a Disco Fox Fun Contest is offered. Last but not least there will be a dance party in the evening.


We can’t wait to see you here in Munich and are awaiting your registration.


„Servus“ in München!


To contact us on the day of tournament: +49 172-8419249 (Petra Lindigkeit)

Tournament Information/Registration


There will be separate tournaments for men and women couples. All participants need to be at least 16 years old. No other restrictions on age apply.

Depending on number of couples registered, we do reserve the right to combine classes or to let classes dance together and assess separately.



You can register here.  Deadline is Friday, 10. March 2017. All couples registered till then will be listed in the program. Last minute registrations will be accepted until 18. March 2017 10:00 am.




Thommy Lüdke (TSC Savoy München e.V.)

Sandra Grziwok (TSC Savoy München e.V.)

Andreas Krause (Gelb-Schwarz Casino München e.V.)

Monika Schiller (TSA Schwarz-Gold d. ESV Ingolstadt e.V.)

Christine Lamprecht (Tanzsportgemeinschaft Fürth e.V.)

Peter Chen (UNION Tanzsportklub Tirol)



Entry Fee

  • Single Start (Ballroom or Latin):  10,- € per person
  • Double Start(Ballroom & Latin):  15,- € per person
  • Deposit for Number:  10,- €

The entry fee covers all day incl. Evening Dance Party

Entry fee and deposit have to be paid cash on 18. March 2017.



All couples need to be registered latest 30 minutes before Tournament start and pick up their number at Check-In.

Tournament will be conducted following the rules of DVET (Turnierregeln des Deutschen Verbandes für Equality Tanzsport)

A couple must consist of two women or two men.

Before starting the tournaments all couples have to dance a General Look followed by classification rounds.

Depending on the number of couples in a class there will be several rounds (Preliminary, Semi-Final and Final.

The winning couple of a class will be invited to participate in the next higher class.

A-Class Finals of the tournaments taking place during the morning will be during morning as well.



09:30 Doors Open/Warm up

11:00 Men Ballroom/Women Latin

14:30 Fun-Contest Disco Fox

15:15 Warm up

15:30 Women Ballroom/Men Latin



Fun Contest

Between the morning and afternoon tournaments we conduct a Disco-Fox Fun Contest.

„Have Fun!“ is the only purpose to participate.

Watch out for a dance partner and register. Everyone and every composition of couple can participate. Woman with woman, woman with man, man with man, guest with tournament participant, volunteer with guest etc. Only one exception applies: couples starting in the tournament are not allowed to participate with their dancing partner.

Participation in the Fun Contest is free of charge assuming entry or admission fee has been paid.

Please remember to bring your dancing shoes. These are required to enter the dance floor.


We are looking forward to meet guests cheering the couples during tournaments and have fun dancing themselves in the evening.

Breakfast, lunch, cake and coffee and dinner will offered at the venue by our dance club.


Admission Fee

  • Day Pass: 10,- € incl. Evening Dance Party
  • Discounted Day Pass: 7,- € (Students not older than 18)
  • Free entrance for children not older than 6

Day Pass can only be bought at day of tournaments. We are sorry, but seat reservations are not possible.

Please arrive early and you will find a seat.

Have a look at Savoy...

Getting there and accomodation

Address:TSC Savoy München e. V., Neumarkter Straße 71, 81673 München, Germany

To contact us on the day of tournament: +49 172-8419249 (Petra Lindigkeit)


Public Transport


from city center:

S2 or S4/S6 station "Berg am Laim"

Tram 19 station "Schlüßelbergstraße"


from airport: S8 station "Leuchtenbergring"



In Munich you can find a lot of hotels in all price categories. These can be booked using the common Hotel reservation portals. In case you do prefer private housing, we will try to arrange this. Please specify on the registration form.


Our hotel partner


We are happy to present our hotel partner: Hotel „Brunnenhof“ (***) located downtown between Sendlinger Tor, Stachus, and Central Station/Hauptbahnhof  (but still in a quiet area) operated by queer management. For all participants and guests “Brunnenhof” offers a special discount of 15%.

You are staying in the heart of Munich near to gay-lesbian district “Glockenbach” and near to all public transport to get to TSC Savoy (we recommend Tram 19 from “Sendlinger Tor” to stop “Schlüsselbergstraße” in the near of the Savoy).

For the special family-feeling, “Brunnenhof” offers rooms for up to six persons.

The prices below are our special prices (already including the 15% discount). For reservations using for these conditions please refer to our keyword “Tango” and make sure to reserve your rooms until March 4th .


Single room:                          66,75 Euro (= discount price „Tango“)

Double room:                        78,75 Euro (=discount price „Tango“)

Room with three beds:          99,00 Euro (=discount price „Tango“)

Room with four beds:           119,25 Euro (=discount price „Tango“)

Room with five beds:            139,50 Euro (=discount price „Tango“)

Room with six beds:             159,75 Euro (=discount price „Tango“)

(prices above are already discounted!)

Hotel Brunnenhof, Schillerstr. 36, 80331 Munich

Reservations with reference to keyword „Tango“:,

Tel. +49 89 545100 or


Remaining Questions?

If there are open questions, please do not hesitate to contact or phone +49-172-8419249 (Petra Lindigkeit)